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Das Kabel ist versandbereit. Bitte teilen Sie mir heute vor 14.30 Uhr Ihre Adresse mit, damit wir sie für den Versand am Montag vorbereiten können.

Ansonsten bin ich nächsten Montag wieder da und kann es dann abschicken

Hey I was looking though the pages on the forum here.. I like the look of your Cityel.. I like that hard top...
what city el you mean? could you show me the one you have seen maybe a link?
as I think Peter is an older man and didn't think me being English that I was going to turn up or I was just wasting his time.. far from it .. I am ready to come over..


I will look to see if I can find that advert I saw..

sorry to break up my reply it was limiting me to 420 letters!
no problem i think you mean the one i have buyed i just have look at the cityel at his garage and he will help me to get the city el to my garage because it dont could move on its own wheels. so iam happy thats not o far away from my home. ;)
But if you need help to find one in germany maybe translation i could contact one seller if you have choose one near your location.
my english is not perfect but i can undersand most of it :D
hello I have just been reading the posts on the forum here.. I see you have a solar panel on your roof.. how did this work for you? I know it all depends on how much sun you get in the day time but just interested to learn more and if this is a good thing to do..
Oh, I just seen your the chap with the sunroof for sale?? where abouts in Germany are you ? I am interested in this
Very good experience. Good refreshement for the batteries. Addding about 10 to 15 km range on good sunny days. In those days I have put 80 oder 100 Watt peak.

I have still one of these old sunroofs here for CITY-ELs. Interested?

I live 50 km north of Nürnberg - Bavaria.

Greetings, Roland, reichel@solarmobil.net
Hallo Yardonn,

ich würde gerne die City Els nehmen :)

Sollen wir telefonieren oder wie können wir in Kontakt treten. Abholen etc ist kein Problem :)
ich freue mich sehr über deine Nachricht!
Mehr Morgen abend... muss morgen früh raus, hab das nur gerade noch gesehen...
Ja ich geh auch gleich ins Bett
Danke für die Info!

Ich würde alles komplett gerne nehmen!

Schlaf gut!