Fehler im Bremssystem

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Neues Mitglied
Hallo Leute,

hat da einer eine Idee ?
Denke vom Bremszylinder ist eine Dichtung defekt.
Ist ja ein 2 Kreisbremssystem.


Dear Claus

I think you are a person with great experience in City-El,and I have a
problem I hope you can help me with.

The problem is,that the breakepedal goes too far down.The guy I bought it
from said it got worse over a little month or so.You can pump the pedal
And have to do that every time you want to brake.
I have adjusted the brakes on the rear,and changed the breakeshoes on the
front,also I have let air out of the system,but it hasn´t helped.
IF I "klemmen"" the brakehose to the front brakes it works fine,so I don´t
think its a problem with the maincylinder.The front brakeshoes almost hits
the wheel,so that should be alrigt as well,also they do work,the front

Have you any idea.

Many thanks,and by the way did you manage to repair the relayboards,I send
you a drawing for?

Alan Lyman