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eddy mechelaere

Greetings 2003

Detection and information sensors on AX Electrique Citroen/SAXO,Peugeot 106

As problems during charging occurs by some EV members I went through the few documents I have and translated the French to English. Some of these detectors can be at the origin of the trouble.
For charging check points 4 and 5 but follow the instructions of Citroen to Cut the power with the fuses and separators at EACH Battery box before opening the Main Power Unit.
Experienced electricians and EV POWER – AWARE and BEWARE only.
120 Volts Direct current is dangerous and gives serious arcing and wounds+ DEATH.

1:Speed detection

The detector can be found on the carter of the reducer. It consists of a dented wheel and a Hall detector informs the calculator computer of the speed of rotation of the electric motor (and car speed / no gears! )
Drawing: ref PS4077C

2:Accelerator pedal (position)

potentiometer or variable resistor which cursor is mechanically connected to the pedal position

3:Motor Temperature+ spare one already in place!

In the windings (of the excitations field ?) you have a temperature sensor that starts the second speed of the cooling ventilator (goes back to standard speed again after cooling to 80degrees C°
From 120°C the calculator computer starts a temporally limitation of current and power the electric motor.
Picture :pS4070C

4:Cooling water Temperature detector:

This detector is placed on the radiator. It allows the radiator ventilator to start at a temperature of 30°C (stops again at 25°C.If the temperature gets higher than 53°C the calculator computer starts to limit the current and power of the electric main power motor (stop current limiting at H2O down to 48°C)

Warning: this temperature sensing and current limiting (charging current then?) is also used during charging
To prevent damage to the NICADS batteries
Picture PS 4074C

5:Electronic power Unit Temperature Detector

This detector is in the Power Unit.(converter +charger + inverter+ computer)
It allows the calculator – computer to limit the current + power fed to the main EL SEPEX Engine from 59°C on
The power to the main EL motor is completely cut when the power unit becomes hotter than 75°C
This Total Power unit Temperature detection is also used during Charging of the NICADS.

6:Main power inverter Temperature detection.

In the above Power unit you also have the main power Inverter- switcher, which has on top , its own temperature detection ,which can also limit the current of the inverter circuits.

7: main power –current measurement detector

Situated in the Power unit it also measures discharge and charge current .It gives % indication to the instrument panel

8:The BRAKE contact switch Info:

Nearby the Brake pedal , it informs during “close” the calculator-computer that a BRAKE action takes place
So that it is allowed to make stronger Motor braking by regenerating the maximum of energy possible.
At the same time the Brake lights come ON at the back.

9:Door contacts:

Door LEFT open: forbidden to start the engine
Door Right (passenger): start possible but Noise by buzzer to warn for passenger door open situation

10:Charging door contact:

Impossible to start the engine

11:Contact on the Plug in AVCON – MARECHAL charger connector:
Forbids the displacement of the car by its proper mains when the cable remains attached.

12:Main contact with your key:

First position: the calculator is a powered+ peripheral unit
Second position the main power contactor is powered so that the engine can work. Starting is possible.


On the dash you’ll find the reverse button, which orders the inversion of current+ backward drive lights at the back.




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