1. Surfer71

    Hi I have purchased VW e-Golf Batteries.. :-) but now I am in need of charging them

    Hello I have bought some lithium ion batteries. From a VW e-Golf. nice Samsung 108ah batteries and 1/2 battery 55Ah The idea is to use two of the larger ones and one half unit. making 4kw .. But I am struggling to find a charger that will do this .. Does any one know how i can charge the...
  2. Surfer71

    Charge e-Golf VW Batteries for Cityel

    Hi, I'm sorry for English, but I don't speak German, but I'll use "Translate from Google" in every answer. I have a Cityel .. and I have lead acid !! but i now have VW EGolf lithium batteries 36v 110ah as a set that i can double .. to 36v 220ah .. but let's take the 36v 110ah first ... i would...
  3. Surfer71

    Can people give me a list of retailers in Germany for spare parts? For the City please.

    Hi I am looking to understand who are the sellers of parts for the Cityel in Germnay or Europe.. Any one suggest shops that sell parts please as there is no one in the UK selling parts So I have to buy parts in Europe.. which fine.. So who are your go to for spare parts please? Thanks
  4. Surfer71

    Is open???

    Hi Is open? ALL SORTED Spoke to him on the phone.. nice man.. so I am putting my order though and all is well... Thanks guys :)
  5. Surfer71

    Sadel Cityel hat Feuer gefangen !! Sad day the cityel caught fire

    Yes sadly I was driving along and the Cityel started to smoke and cut out ... till it totally cut out and then flames !! but hopefully it will be save able ... I am confident it is .. just some hard work and take my time ... I hope to have not damaged too much .. I hope ...
  6. Surfer71

    Hello Guys... I am looking for a Curtis 1204X 24/36V

    Hi guys I am looking for a Curtis 1204X 24 / 26v Would any one have a working one please thank you .. or what have people used different to the CUrtis ??? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi folks, I'm looking for a...
  7. Surfer71

    So can any one help with an idiots guide to going from Lead acid to Lifepo4 ?

    I. am at the stage where I am almost ready to pull the trigger and buy some batteries to make my 36v lead acid Cityel into a lifepo4 Cityel .. so do i stick to 36v (no) I know I need to get to 40v or more .. I am worried about buying big ticket items from over seas I have never used before...
  8. Surfer71

    GAP!!! in the body... is solved.. I hope.. Brit Cityel Update

    So guys I have been super busy doing the cityel .. I took it off the road for a bit while for the repairs I.hope you can see from my pictures as I am not sure on the settings .. but happy to advise any one who needs to do the same .. the issue is that I have a Danish botton and a German Top ...
  9. Surfer71

    Tazzair GOOD/BAD????

    Ok so you lot on this forum have got me from interested by stander ... to empty my van and drive 1000miles across Europe to pick up a Cityel and bring it back to the UK ... and Enjoying it !!! now to looking at the Tazzari for my wife to use locally as she can still pick up my son from...
  10. Surfer71

    So as a total newbie to Lipo.... what am I looking for???

    I read and followed your profiles on here to learn more .. but as a total newbie looking at Lipo what am I looking for? I really need to look for used units and that then makes my issue bigger .. in terms of an idiots guide to lipo for a Cityel what should I be looking for??
  11. Surfer71

    Using Charging points on the go?? has any one done this ??

    Hi I am starting to look to into going further distance in my cityel and then the whole thing of charging stations comes to mind and also the type of plug I need to use .. Has any one done this? I was looking at buying a type 2 plug and most of the stations I know of use 3 phase 415V supply...
  12. Surfer71

    British Cityel UPDATE

    Hi So sorry I have not been on here for a while.. I have infact been on the Cityel Facebook page only because it translates for me.. So... where am I.. I am up and running.. all legal and I have done around 50kms so far in the Cityel around town.. each time I am going just that bit further with...
  13. Surfer71

    New Lead acid Battery Questions ??

    Hi guys. Sorry to ask but Batteries are not my thing.. so I am learning. I am going to for now get Lead acid battery for the cityel x 3 I have seen the same ones that came out of the cityel in a battery store for £160 each x 3 ok but then I have seen leisure battery for caravan cheaper £100...
  14. Surfer71

    So I got my Cityel From Peter off here in Bonn , Germany. and now it starts!!

    Hi Guys, so I have been off the forum for a few weeks as it's been a bit manic with dashing over to Peter's in Germany and back. Lucky for my a good long term friend lives just 50mins from Bonn and I was able to stop over and get to Peter.. He was kind enough to hold on to the Cityel for me till...
  15. Surfer71

    HI I am looking to pick up my first City El and Advice?

    I am looking to pick up my first City El..any advice on what to look for? I know i need to check over the steering ( play in the joints ) and the brakes? I am being told the battery's are not the best so it's looking like new battery is needed x 3 ouch.. I am abit concerned but, not too...
  16. Surfer71

    Hi From the UK, looking to be come a City El owner....

    Hi I am not sure if my 1st post was deleted ? anyway I am genuinely looking to become a Cityel owner with a trip to Germany next week.. Just to say hello and I will be around the Bonn area and I am interested to meet up with people who enjoy the Cityel's ... Hello :-)...
  17. Surfer71

    Hello, new from the UK.... Cityel..

    Hi guys, I am new and I am currently a Sinclair C5 owner and user here in the UK.. I am looking to add the next level to my electric car life.. a Cityel... which I am coming over to see / buy one from a member on this very forum... there are not many here in the UK so I hope and I intend to be...
  18. Surfer71

    Hello from the UK.... No Brexit talk I promise :-) I am coming over to buy a Cityel. So I can join in the fun with you guys.

    1st off I'm sorry, I'm sorry for not being able to talk German, sadly it was not offered at school to me in the UK..... France, Belgium, Holland and Germany .. I always feel happy when I am over. :) so I am a Sinclair C5 Owner and I have enjoyed a lot of miles (kms) in the C5 .. Great car /...

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