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    Thiesen Untersitznetzteil, Bauteil verschmort

    the resistor is: 8,2ohm smd 1206 size alan
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    Vorderrad Stossdämpfer

    yes 330mm
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    Haubenbefestigung verloren

    I have made some.they are no longer availble from schippers. gruss alan Danemark
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    CityEL HF Lader "streikt"

    ok I can see its using a steady program.some of the 4 connectors on the right is connected.if they were all cut,it was using the programmeble program,which sometimes is lost.So I dont think the program is the problem. Call Fleischmann first,because on their web it says they dont repair it...
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    CityEL HF Lader "streikt"

    ahh,ok.then the fuse is something else is wrong with the charger. But the fuse is the brown round thing behind the 343 plug
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    CityEL HF Lader "streikt"

    When the blower doesnt run shortly,when powered on,it sounds like the small fuse is defective. If Fleiscmann cannot help you,maybe I can repair it for you.I dont think they repair these chargers anymore. Alan Danemark
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    Geschwindigkeit anpassen

    Thats right Werner,BUT that is for only around 25km/h,and has very slow acceleration.Its meant for moped speed.But on the newest version of the strombegrenzer this doesnt need the version older. Alan
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    Geschwindigkeit anpassen

    Hello Peter and Sasha adjusting the strombegrenzer,will not reduce the speed.ONLY the acceleration. You need to put in a resistor in the compund circuit if its a TT-motor.If its a Perm motor you need to change the sprockets. Alan Danemark
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    Purchasing tips on motor controller for City-El

    Hi Brian I dont think its the curtis.More probably the microswitch at the speederpedal.This is a common problem.DONT measure it,change it,and with a good quality,not a cheap one. It could also be another problem,depending on which cityel you have.Try this.If you press the speeder a bit,and it...
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    Austausch der Kugellager der Lenkung, wer hat es schon mal gemacht?

    Hello Sven I have heard of one owner,whot the kronrohr in the freezer,to take off the sprocket and kugellager. I have not tried,as I have a hydralicpump gruss alan
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    Umbau auf Curtis Controller 1204M

    I have bad experience with Curtis look alike controllers.They are NOT calibrated,so often they give more current than you program them if you program it to 275amp,they might give 350amp. alan
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    Ersatz für Drehzahlsensor

    I will bring one to the tref Alan
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    Ersatz für Drehzahlsensor

    I make new sensors that fit directly in the holder,with cable.And LED in the back,to see if it works. Price:30euro
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    Schwingenlager Fleischmann oder Schippers

    I have the lagerbolzen for the swingarm alan danemark
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    Thrige Titan Motor oder Controller defekt?

    I can repair the curtis.I need the defective one first to see if its repaireble.Sometimes there has been fire inside. If ok,then you will get an exchange curtis,that has been repaird. Alan Danemark
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    Thrige Titan Motor oder Controller defekt?

    does the relays in the back klick,when you presse the speederpedal? If not it could be the speederswitch,or the controller. I dont think the motor,they seldom die. Alan danemark
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    MEG charger

    Dores the MEG charger,when used with Lead acid batteries,start a new charging,after it has finished charging. The Thiesen charger does that after I think 20hrs,and the old trafo-charger has a float voltage. But if the MEG charger does not start again,then if you dont use the cityel for a long...
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    Liste nicht mehr lieferbarer Teile fürs EL

    I have made new PCB´s for the cell and the relay,BUT without the Uprocessor.That must be ok in the old PCB,and moved over to these new PCB
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    Dom kaputt = EL kaputt? ... oder reparabel?

    Hello I had one ellert,which died with this fault.The hole front wheel came up inside the ellert. I have a picture,but could not load it in this site.But maybe with glassfiber inside and outside,it can be repaird. Richards ellert,in England only had problem with the karrosserie...