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  1. Surfer71

    Can anyone help explain how a VW E Golf Battery Cell is wired up inside please.. Danka

    Hello I am trying to sort out a BMS for the batteries I have.. VW Golf E Golf ones Samsung batteries large cells are 15.1v half cells are 7.5v but we are trying to work out how they are wired up.. as there is 12 cells in a large pack. so it's looking like they are at first wired up in...
  2. Surfer71

    Hi I have purchased VW e-Golf Batteries.. :-) but now I am in need of charging them

    well yes the BMS is where i am stuck the most.. I really am struggling what to use for this that is reliable. 36v but I think it really comes out at 38v
  3. Surfer71

    Adapter von Typ2 (Stecker) auf Schuko (Buchse)

    at last !!! a post I can reply to !! rather than ask questions my self LOL I bought this From memory it's the chip or what ever inside the plug on my one that talks to the charger so i Don't think it's as simple as just chopping plugs off. I can with mine turn...
  4. Surfer71

    Hi I have purchased VW e-Golf Batteries.. :-) but now I am in need of charging them

    Ok lets try and fill you guys in with some data. the Batteries as I understand it are 3.75v cells and there are two types of cells I have. 1 Cell as 15v capacity of 4 cells at 3.75v x 4 = 15v I will call this the large battery the next battery is a 1/2 battery and it just that.. 2 cells made...
  5. Surfer71

    Verkauft seit der Citycom Pleite niemand mehr Els oder Teile?

    Well this is a very active thread. All I can say is having come to the attention of Cityel's in recent years. I think they will have their time again .. this could be that low point where every one remembers when you could buy a Cityel in need of repair for E500's (SORRY NO EUROS kEY lol !!)...
  6. Surfer71

    Hi I have purchased VW e-Golf Batteries.. :-) but now I am in need of charging them

    Hello I have bought some lithium ion batteries. From a VW e-Golf. nice Samsung 108ah batteries and 1/2 battery 55Ah The idea is to use two of the larger ones and one half unit. making 4kw .. But I am struggling to find a charger that will do this .. Does any one know how i can charge the...
  7. Surfer71

    Charge e-Golf VW Batteries for Cityel

    BTW that company selling that charger I asked for some details and they responed with this Now way to help you out. IT is LiPo , we do not sell that kind of chargers, Bye!! Helpfull... not so they are saying that charger you posted doesn;t work but I am sure it does other wise you wouldn't...
  8. Surfer71

    Charge e-Golf VW Batteries for Cityel I am about to buy this one you mentioned I states it cuts off a 43v but are you saying it cuts off at 42.5v if that's the case then I will be happy to buy this.. yes I agree I would...
  9. Surfer71

    Charge e-Golf VW Batteries for Cityel

    Just don't junge spelling mistakes or weird wordings. :D LOL... Don't worry .. :-)
  10. Surfer71

    Charge e-Golf VW Batteries for Cityel

    ok looked at that ... that looks ok.. 10amp looks a decent charge rate.. and the price is not too bad either.. now I need to make sure it cuts out at a decent voltage I will ask about this 42.5 is that works ok.. is that the charger that cuts out or the circuit board under the seat? As I have...
  11. Surfer71

    Charge e-Golf VW Batteries for Cityel

    BRILLIANT thank you... yes and yes... I had a look under the plastic cover and I could see a circuit board still connected to the battery.. so I assume that is a good thing? I don't have any other parts from the car.. sadly.. but I am keen to get the right set up for the cityel as these...
  12. Surfer71

    Charge e-Golf VW Batteries for Cityel

    Hi, I'm sorry for English, but I don't speak German, but I'll use "Translate from Google" in every answer. I have a Cityel .. and I have lead acid !! but i now have VW EGolf lithium batteries 36v 110ah as a set that i can double .. to 36v 220ah .. but let's take the 36v 110ah first ... i would...
  13. Surfer71

    Can people give me a list of retailers in Germany for spare parts? For the City please.

    Hi I am looking to understand who are the sellers of parts for the Cityel in Germnay or Europe.. Any one suggest shops that sell parts please as there is no one in the UK selling parts So I have to buy parts in Europe.. which fine.. So who are your go to for spare parts please? Thanks
  14. Surfer71

    Is open???

    yes I had a good chat with him... nice to speak with him so I will get the parts ordered up and sent to the Red Miniel I have and then I can get on with the build.. So it's handy have two places to get parts so I can share it out..
  15. Surfer71

    Is open???

    sorted thanks :-)
  16. Surfer71

    CityEL es geht weiter! wieder einmal...

    this is good news ... Hello from the UK. I need parts
  17. Surfer71

    Is open???

    oh... email does not work? Ok... hmm.. ok. not sure what to do now.. I need parts sent to Belgium not the UK.. and his online form only has a drop down box for Germany.. so hence i needed to talk to him.. decent order for parts so it's worth it for him..
  18. Surfer71

    Is open???

    arrr great news he is still going.. OK I will keep trying.. but if any of you guys get to talk to him.. can you mention I have tried to contact him... thanks
  19. Surfer71

    100.000, DOT5 und Wechsel Hauptbremszylinder

    wow great post.... I am about to order some of this Dot 5 silicone oil for the brakes.. I found a karting company selling it here in the UK so it's 100% not Dot 4 or 5.1 but 100% Dot 5 ... I realize how important it is.. to get that right.. i had heard of a cityel crash due to wrong brake fluid..