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    Unterschiede Stoßdämpfer hinten

    the main shock absorbers
  2. Surfer71

    So can any one help with an idiots guide to going from Lead acid to Lifepo4 ?

    I. am at the stage where I am almost ready to pull the trigger and buy some batteries to make my 36v lead acid Cityel into a lifepo4 Cityel .. so do i stick to 36v (no) I know I need to get to 40v or more .. I am worried about buying big ticket items from over seas I have never used before...
  3. Surfer71

    Unterschiede Stoßdämpfer hinten

    do you have a link to get these as I could do with some
  4. Surfer71

    how did you get on?? are you MOT'd yet?

    how did you get on?? are you MOT'd yet?
  5. Surfer71

    Hello from England. Can you help with mystery wires?

    i will pass this onto my man who knows more than I do.. but i have 2 folk advising to leave off. Once being a Cityel Service Engineer and another being a electronics designer for motor cars and regeneration.. So I am a bit confused. but been running with it off now for 6 months.
  6. Surfer71

    Hello from England. Can you help with mystery wires?

    HI, I am also from the UK and I have the yellow Cityel you might have seen about.. So as said above the wire I think.... that's been cut into is a restrictor to the motor.. Much like a 50cc moped they have a limiter fitted... that's your 3rd wire.. cut that and it's FULL power... well... I say...
  7. Surfer71

    GAP!!! in the body... is solved.. I hope.. Brit Cityel Update

    I will keep that in mind... but having a German top on a Danish bottom the sides are not perfect sadly.. so the rubber sits nice at the front and off the side at the rear.. it's the best I can come up with... so it will have to do.. it's better than it was that's for sure.. Once it's all...
  8. Surfer71

    GAP!!! in the body... is solved.. I hope.. Brit Cityel Update

    So guys I have been super busy doing the cityel .. I took it off the road for a bit while for the repairs I.hope you can see from my pictures as I am not sure on the settings .. but happy to advise any one who needs to do the same .. the issue is that I have a Danish botton and a German Top ...
  9. Surfer71

    CityEL Neuauflage

    I'm really surprised by the lack of feed back from the so called new owners .. I wonder if they are just trying their luck with the domain name or if they really do own it .. Has any one heard or have contacts from German ex factory contacts? I mean some parts could be made still and sold to us...
  10. Surfer71

    Using Charging points on the go?? has any one done this ??

    Ok I think I am sorted now.. I have a cable coming that is all sorted and is a plug in and charge.. with a type 2 plug.. so I can use the charge points.. I have down loaded an app to do this and all i need really is to look at my car to upgrade it so it cuts out after a set amount of charge..
  11. Surfer71

    City-El extrem

    its interesting to say about the Aluminum as I am about to do this to mine on the inside as support .. I wouldn't have put Ali down as stretching .. well not to the amount to cause concern .. I am going to bond it on as well so that might counter act that issue ..
  12. Surfer71

    CityEL Neuauflage

    https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1AVUVaeH2gK0jSZJnq6yT1FXaq.jpg I hope this link works..but seen this in china!!
  13. Surfer71

    Think City Fahrer, Besitzer und Fans

    Werner I guess the different groups I am in it's just been made so easy to convert.. But yes Google works here.. I can read ALL your posts on the page and try and join in.. I guess that only works if people use the translate.. I use Google Chrome hence it's just automatic.. my Classic Mercedes...

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