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Hello all, asi I plan to upgrade to Lithium batteries, I can offer about 18 pieces of SAFT (D & G) modules from my P106 electric in a good condition. The capacity is + -90Ah while discharging from fully charged state to 4.5V / module by current of 30Amps. The year of manufacture is 2005 and 2006 + approx 2 pieces are newer year - I'll inform later about the year, capacity and internal resistance of each available module. I could do up to 80km for one charge depending on the level of charge and other circumstances. I'll test each cell separately. Price is 100Eur / piece.
I can not send it due to large weight, so the only possibility is to takeover them in Prague.

So everything is tested, available cells are:

NiCd test
#1 G 87Ah
#2 D 96Ah
#3 G 75Ah
#4 G 100Ah
#5 G 100Ah
#6 D 5mOhm, 93Ah
#7 68Ah missing cooling hoses nipples G
#8 65Ah missing cooling hoses nipples G
#9 65Ah G
#10 90Ah missing cooling hoses nipples G
#11 92Ah D
#12 91Ah D
#13 95Ah G
#14 55Ah G 1 inside cell KO
#15 95Ah D
#16 105Ah D
#17 100Ah D
#18 105Ah G
#19 100Ah G
#20 91Ah D
#21 95Ah G
#22 100Ah D
#23 100Ah G
#24 cca 55Ah G 1 inside cell KO