So I got my Cityel From Peter off here in Bonn , Germany. and now it starts!!


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Hi Guys, so I have been off the forum for a few weeks as it's been a bit manic with dashing over to Peter's in Germany and back. Lucky for my a good long term friend lives just 50mins from Bonn and I was able to stop over and get to Peter.. He was kind enough to hold on to the Cityel for me till that Friday.. which was a blessing as it's a big commitment for me,
I had to completely empty my works van !! and that was a huge task in it's self
Book a Eurotunnel
Book a place to stay which ended up sleeping in CIty Europe car park 1st night, not as bad as you think in the back of the van LOL
Then on to Bert's house in Belgium.
some 800 mile round trip and we are home.. with the city el..

In the first 2 days I had it in for the MOT ( TUV ) here in the UK.
It failed!!!
:-( turned out the brake lights didn't work! sorted that with a temp bodge of a limit switch and that now works
Washer bottle leaking ( temp fix )
in looking for the fault for the brakes, a mechanic blew up the fuse and diode on the main circuit board!!!! completely shutting down all 12v systems to the cityel!!!
So happy to find from Alan in Denmark that it was a safety diode that needed to be cut from the board and it all works again.. New diode has arrived and I will be fitting that at some point this week.. £5 fix!! phew!
I now have MOT :)

Then I sent off all the paper work into the DVLA to register it as a vehicle for the UK roads..
I am still waiting for them..

i have investigated the batteries I need and ouch that's a lot of money.. but I got a E100's off and that has contributed towards their cost and I have lots of old batteries that I need to scrap so again I hope to gain some ££ back on them towards the new battery..

I think the lipo option is just too expensive for me at this stage.

So I had an odd mix of Yellow top, Green bottom and red wheel covers!! Almost Rasta look.. so that had to change.. so for now I have vinyl wrapped it.. ALL Yellow... I took the wheel covers into the body shop, sanded them and repainted them car silver !!

I have cleaned it a lot and it's really come up nice now... Also I had some cracks in the floor of the city el.. so I heated up the floor and pushed the floor back down that had buckled and that is now flat... I also repaired the floor with epoxy to put some strength back in and stop it getting any worse.
Then I got some carpet I use for camper vans that is water proof and fitted that .. wow what a difference that made..

So while I wait for the UK DVLA to send me paper work or reject the paper work I was looking into UK registration number plates to buy..... and well!!! this number plate was available.... C17 YEL C17Y EL ... so I bought it!!!
what a number plate to have on your Cityel.. only the name of it!!! that's going to turn heads on it's own!!!

So big thanks to Peter !! from here...

I hope you can see the pictures.. let me know if not? is Peters one I have bought..


Sascha Meyer

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Hi Mark,
i´m paying tribute for all the progress you´ve already made. Did recognize it on danish sides.
Please be cautious for having no diode on the main bord at the moment whilst having no further safeness whitout it!

Oh, and bye the way, WHAT A COOL PLATE!

Greetings from Germany and LOTS of fun with your "new" Ellert, Sascha


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Hi, yes thanks I have not really used it since that went bang... only a little test run.. I have the part and this evening I will be swapping it out.. I had to buy 10!!! even though I need 1 LOL.. so if any one else needs a diode for the 12v system let me know I will just pop one in the post to you..


Yes I got stuck in and got a lot done! but now I am too busy with work so it comes to a stop for a while.. but then I can get the electronic's sorted out..

Yes the number plate.. I must get them made up I will do that in a mo.. have them made ready..

I will be still looking for a solid top if any one has one.. I am not as keen on the Targa or Fun top.. but I grabbed this as it was available and a starting point..


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oh and as Luck would have it... a good friend from the classic car world who lives by me.. owns a boat cover company and as I sew as well he and I will be sorting once and for all the soft top " sagging " Roof on the Cityel.. some thing that has always bugged me with all of them.. they sag.. so I will refurb that next.. and I have some Porsche Fabric conditioner from my Wife Porsche that Porsche UK gave her with her car... I may just be stealing it from her to sort mine out LOL!!!! don't tell her :)


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I got the plexi glass to shine nice... I used body shop polisher and G3 and G6 and G10 paint compound and it came up like new again including the yellow paint.. But I am going to paint the whole thing anyway in the new year at the spray shop.. so it will all be a fresh new paint..

wolfgang dwuzet

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hello and my respect for your engagement,
I also put a lot of time in my el but after that had 13 years VERY much fun
I wish you little surprise and very very much fun with it
best wishes for you and your el
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It's certainly a whole new level of learning!! :) and I am a spanner man on my tools ... electrics is hmmm ok.. but not my best subject.. so it's learning learning and more learning..
My Real car is a 1969 Porsche :) so you can see this City El is now my most modern car LOL ..


nice project!! Is it easy to wrap the cityel with Foil? At the Moment i also do a restauration. Im Not sure if i should wrap or paint the El.


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If I'm honest...I would paint.. its 2 pack car paint..job done.
I will do that later.. the wrap was just to tidy it up.. it was quick and easy..


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