New Konzepte von Airstream für das Camping (eStream, Thor Vision Vehicle)


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Der ZF Elektroantrieb für den Detleffs Coco hat es jetzt zum Airstream eStream Concept geschafft.

The technology we co-developed (with ZF) creates a synchronized relationship between the trailer and the tow vehicle, enabling the trailer to move in harmony with the tow vehicle, reducing the pulling effect required from the tow vehicle. This, in turn, dramatically improves the possible range of the combination. In essence, we’ve turned the trailer into an electric vehicle.

Josef Hjelmaker, THOR’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Auch ein elektrisches Wohnmobil mit 300 Meilen Reichweite wurde als Konzept "Thor Vision Vehicle (TVV) vorgestellt.

As incredible as the eStream is, it was only one of two high-tech electric concepts shown by Thor. The second, called the Thor Vision Vehicle (or, “TVV”), is a motorhome powered by similar ZF-developed electric motors and the same high-capacity lithium-ion batteries as the eStream (just more of them). But Thor, unlike its competitors, didn’t target 120 miles of driving – it targeted 300.

To get to that 300 miles and beyond, Thor worked with the engineering experts at Roush to integrate a small, thoughtfully packaged hydrogen fuel cell that can provide the TVV’s electric motors with power, charge the TVV’s batteries, and power the “home load” of the RV far off the grid, eliminating a different type of range anxiety for more adventurous RVers.
Gebaut wurde das Wohnmobil auf einem Ford Transit Chassis. Es gibt auch elektronische Spiegel, eine Menge Kameras und einen elektronischen Rückspiegel.

No – Thor gets it. The company knows the electric tidal wave is coming and isn’t not looking to survive it. Thor is looking to surf on it.


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