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Neue Super-Bleibatterie?

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Jens Schacherl

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Power Technology, Inc.
NEW BATTERY TECHNOLOGY - Power Technology, Inc. Has Developed Breakthrough Technology For A Power Current Collector Structure That Can Be Used To Build Superior Batteries With These Advantages:

Smaller Sizes, Less Weight, Increased Energy Density, Less Lead, More Environment Friendly, Faster Recharge Capabilities and Longer Life.

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We do not intend to manufacture and sell our batteries. We plan to license our technology to other entities. We intend to discuss and explore various possible business combinations or transactions with established battery manufacturers. These may include joint venture agreements, licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements or other agreements by which established manufacturers acquire the right to employ our technology to manufacture batteries.
Bis es diese Batterien also wirklich mal zu kaufen, kann es noch einige Jahre dauern. Am besten abwarten und Strom tanken... oder so ähnlich :rolleyes:.

Gruß Jens


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