GAP!!! in the body... is solved.. I hope.. Brit Cityel Update


Southampton, UK.
So guys I have been super busy doing the cityel .. I took it off the road for a bit while for the repairs
I.hope you can see from my pictures as I am not sure on the settings .. but happy to advise any one who needs to do the same ..

the issue is that I have a Danish botton and a German Top ..
this then made a gap between the two .. most people had the gap and just accepted it .. i wasn't going to ..

so lucky i have body work skills and I set about bonding new perspex in place and then getting it ready for painting which I will do later .. the white coat is a 1st coat to get it all covered and i can sand that back ready for the new yellow coat .. when i repaint the whole thing ..

Here is what I did ..









Oh and I built a trailer from an old Motorbike trailer and relocated the axle to the rear which makes is better on the road with the weight ..
next stop the paint shop !!!!!!

Bye for now, UK.
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Southampton, UK.
I will keep that in mind... but having a German top on a Danish bottom the sides are not perfect sadly.. so the rubber sits nice at the front and off the side at the rear.. it's the best I can come up with... so it will have to do.. it's better than it was that's for sure..
Once it's all painted it will be nice and sorted and another job ticked off my list.

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