Electrique diagnostic tool

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Hi, sorry for the English..
Does anyone know about interfacing to the Citroen Berlingo Electrique -

what is the interface - EOBD? RS-232?
Is there a list of codes and parameters available?
Is there any PC software available?

I want to be able to see the battery statistics and also be able to perform the maintenance myself - e.g. maintenance charge and watering etc.
Is there a good resource somewhere with information?

Many thanks!



ODB2 is a standard for all cars until now.There are several protocol allowed;just look on the web search.

Most Cars in europe use a 10.4kbaud non standard serial communication that needs a voltages level translator.Ther are ELV kits for this;The error codes in petrol cars are standardised .These are however vendor specific for electric cars
from PSA.So you will need and elit (citroen ) or TEP92(peugeot) or huge manufacturer ACTIA with on top special software for your berlingo.
Read older messages please.

Currently some newer cars use CAN interfaces.



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