Can anyone help explain how a VW E Golf Battery Cell is wired up inside please.. Danka


Southampton, UK.
Hello I am trying to sort out a BMS for the batteries I have.. VW Golf E Golf ones
Samsung batteries
large cells are 15.1v
half cells are 7.5v

but we are trying to work out how they are wired up.. as there is 12 cells in a large pack. so it's looking like they are at first wired up in parallel, then wired into strings in series but we are not 100% sure on this.. can any one explain.. thank you.

here is the battery we are using

VW e-Golf (2019) Module (Samsung SDI 108Ah) Module Specification
  • Original Capacity: 1630Wh.
  • Re-rated Capacity:1630Wh (100%)
  • Re-rated Energy density: 148 W / Kg.
  • Nominal voltage: 15V.
  • Length 335mm (410mm including mount)
  • Width 150mm.
  • Height 105mm.
  • Mass 11kg.

then half that for a 1/2 pack to get 7.5v

any info would be great thank you.. as we are stuck! ekk!! these batteries are going in a Cityel!

Sascha Meyer

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Hi Leute,
der Mark kommt kein Stueck weiter. Wer kann helfen? Er benoetigt einfach nur ein passendes BMS fuer diese Dinger. Soll in ein EL..
Kennt niemand hier jemanden, der sich mit den e-Golf-Zellen und deren Verkabelung auskennt?

Viele Gruesse aus dem Saarland, Sascha
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What is the problem with using a voltage meter and measuring the connections. If you are not able to do this you should get help from someone that can do this.

The cells seem to have a nominal voltage of 3,7 V. It should be no problem to use a chinese Daly BMS or an ANT BMS, which can be found at Aliexpress.

The Daly BMS is for LiFePO4 or LION and has to be selected correctly. The ANT BMS can be configured according to the used cells.
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Hi, I need Pictures to specify the type of Module, first or second Generation. you Can look at my Profile, I've done the same with BMW I3 Cells. Cheers.


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